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The Second-Most-Ridiculous Hike We’ve Ever Taken

In 2019, my wife and I joined another couple for a backpacking trip in the San Juan Mountains of south-central Colorado. On the way back, we stopped for a day at my in-law’s condo in Ruidoso, New Mexico to recover a bit. But instead of resting and recuperating from a challenging hike, we decided to go for another hike in the nearby Lincoln National Forest.

Okay, this one is entirely my fault.

I thought, hey, without 30–40 pounds on our backs, how hard could it be?

But the day was hot and the trail had depressingly little shade, so halfway through, I snapped this picture of us in front of Grindstone Lake, and we turned around and went home.

Selfie of my wife and me in front of Grindstone Lake on a very sunny day.

As I remember, dinner that night was pizza from Cafe Rio Pizza and beer from Lost Hiker Brewing Company. As it should be. 🏕️🍺🍕

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