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Waterfall Gully Features A Waterfall In A Gully

In August 2016, I was in Adelaide for a business trip. Okay, I was in Woomera for a business trip, but I had taken a week of vacation on the end of the trip to explore Adelaide.

One day I decided to hike up Mount Lofty. Okay, I decided to walk to Mount Lofty from Adelaide and then climb up it.

The trek took me past a place called Waterfall Gully, which is a… gully… with a waterfall. Australians have the best names: Mount Lofty, Waterfall Gully.

Selfie of me in front of Waterfall Gully’s titular waterfall.

The hike up was quite challenging: 1,000m up in a 5,000m hike. But I kept getting passed by trailrunners getting their vertical 5k in. It was embarrassing. (It didn’t help that the only boots I had with me were steel-toe safety boots.)

After reaching the top, I tried to walk back to Adelaide, but I was exhausted, so I stopped for a pizza and called an Uber. ✈️ 🍕

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