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Sailboatlings at Port d’Andratx

In November 2021, Meera and I were itching to get traveling again. We had had our shots, waited past all the international quarantines, and it was time to go again.

We chose to visit Minorca and Mallorca because we had enjoyed Barcelona so much a few years prior, and we wanted to go back but experience something new.

Photo of me and Meera in front of Far de la Mola lighthouse, a thin tower on a cliff with wide horizontal bands of black and white and a bright red top.

While we stayed in Sóller for our time on Mallorca, one of our favorite days was driving up the coast to Port d’Andratx to visit the lighthouses and see the sailboats at the port.

The wealthy neighborhoods didn’t make it easy, but we did manage to park the car and do some hiking on the hills overlooking the port before going down for dinner and a closer look.

Port d'Andratx lighthouse, a squat all-brown lighthouse on the end of a long jetty/breakwater stretching halfway across the harbor mouth, seen from the cliffs above the port. Only its red cap stands out from the background.

We were lucky enough to catch a class of sailors out training, and they kindly passed in front of the lighthouse like ducklings following their mother so I could catch this photo from the docks. ✈️⛵️🇪🇸

Six single-person sailboats pass in a line in front of the Port d'Andratx lighthouse, seen from water level, following a seventh boat farther left behind the end of the jetty, separated from the pack.

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