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Hot Chocolate and Churros at Barcelona’s Granja M. Viader

In September 2021, we spent a couple of days in Barcelona on our way back from Minorca and Mallorca. We had read that a favorite local breakfast spot was Granja M. Viader. Usually, that means there’s a line of tourists out the door, and Meera and I are almost always unwilling to wait in a line like that.

A few people walk past the outside of Granja M. Viader. A window display shows chocolates, jams, and wines for sale.

However, this day, the line was practically nonexistent (probably because tourists hadn’t yet come back after COVID), and we slipped in for a breakfast of hot chocolate and churros.

A cup of hot chocolate, churros, and other pastries I can’t name.

Two things stood out from this visit:

  1. The hot chocolate was in fact thick warmed chocolate to dip the churros in. Those familiar with Spanish or Mexican culture are rolling their eyes, but this treat was new to me.
  2. This restaurant has been serving this food for 150 years. Incredible longevity for a breakfast spot.

When we travel, I’m always torn between visiting the famous spots and being too much of a tourist. In this case, we threaded the needle perfectly and got an amazing unexpected breakfast. ✈️ 🗺️ 🇪🇸

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