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Visiting Rhyme x Reason brewery in Wanaka, New Zealand, tonight, they had some spectacular murals on the walls. Apparently painted by employees, who are allegedly paid entirely in beer.

A wall mural painted above a doorway. The mural is easily 20 feet square of a cartoon man’s head wearing a yellow toboggan, his tongue snaking the length of his head to the right and up. Purple spheres and hops form the background.Meera sits on a bench in front of a wall mural. An orange planet/moon with bands like Jupiter is orbited by three gigantic green hops. A simple black cloud is overlaid on the planetoid.Two wall murals behind brewery vats. The left, a black planet orbited by giant hops. The right, Mario bursting through the wall, surrounded by hops, with the letters RxR in the bottom-left.

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